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Allergy Causes, Symptoms and Risks

Causes and Risks
  • Allergies seem to have some link to heredity. (If both your parents have them, it's more likely you'll develop them.)
  • There is some belief that babies, who are not breastfed, are more predisposed to developing allergies.
  • A depressed immune system can encourage the development of allergies.
  • Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) results in the presence of pollen, affecting mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and airways. There are three hay-fever seasons: They are February to May, late spring and summer, and fall (or ragweed pollen season).
  • Mold allergies can happen when mowing or raking the yard, harvesting crops, walking through fields/meadows. Molds can grow wherever it is damp and dark especially in the bathroom, kitchen, trash containers and garage.
  • Some of the more common foods that people have allergies are sulfites, chocolate, wheat products, dairy products, strawberries, shellfish and eggs.

- Sneezing
- itchy, watery eyes
- runny nose (clear discharge)
- coughing
- nasal congestion
- hives or other skin rash
- headache
- fatigue

Airborne Allergens

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last update: November 2008

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