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Back Pain and Wearing the Right Shoes

It's always important to replace your shoes when they stop offering the proper support for your activity. This is especially true of athletic shoes. Without good support, you can put yourself at risk for injuries or long-term problems such as back pain.

In other words, if you run or jog regularly, invest in a high-quality pair of running shoes that will offer optimal cushioning when your foot hits the ground. If you walk for exercise or do a lot of standing during the day maybe try on some walking shoes the next time you're buying shoes. And don't be afraid to return shoes you've purchased if they cause your back pain to worsen.

There have also been reports that suggest that elevation of the back of the foot by high heels can cause back problems. Other data states that your feet can still grow as you age due to weight and gravity, and that it's important to measure your feet accurately. But you should buy and wear the type of shoes that feel the best and not always rely on sizes you've worn in the past.

The American Chiropractic Association suggests that people should consider orthotics that can be custom made. They may help provide better support and reduce pain in your feet and your back. They also state that wearing wider shoes may offer some relief, as well. Going to a podiatrist or reflexologist might be a wise decision if the pain in your feet or your back problems interrupt your daily lifestyle. They may be able to offer opinions on certain types of shoes or brands that they have heard good things about through their interactions with patients.

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last update: April 2009

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