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Sandalwood Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

  • Sandalwood paste applied externally has been reported to cause skin irritation on rare occasions. There is also one case report of a man developing a skin rash after burning large quantities of sandalwood incense.
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  • The perfume in the incense was volatized in air when incense was burnt; skin surface contact occurred with airborne particle, which dissolved in sebum; thus allergic contact dermatitis accompanied by depigmentation might arise.
    - Contact Dermatitis 1987 May;16(5):272-4 -- Depigmented contact dermatitis due to incense. -- Hayakawa R, Matsunaga K, Arima Y.

  • Allergies to sandalwood and possible contact dermatitis.
    - Am J Contact Dermat 1996 Jun;7(2):77-83 -- Fragrance contact dermatitis: a worldwide multicenter investigation (Part I). -- Larsen W, Nakayama H, Lindberg M, Fischer T, Elsner P, Burrows D, Jordan W, Shaw S, Wilkinson J, Marks J Jr, Sugawara M, Nethercott J.

  • Not recommended for use by children and pregnant or nursing women.

last update: March 2014

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