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Homeopathy began in Germany in the late eighteenth century and is based on treating disease by what are known as the "law of similars" and the "law of potentization".  The law of similars is used to prescribe a remedy for the symptoms a patient is experiencing.  The symptoms accompanying an illness are thought to be the body's natural healing forces that try to expel the illness.  The remedy chosen has properties that are like the illness causing symptoms that the body recognizes and fights back against, which in turn acts a catalyst for the healing forces necessary to rid the body of the disease and speed up one's recovery.  The law of potentization is a principle stating that smaller doses of remedies have more of an effect on stimulating healing.

Homeopathy Mailing List
This list is for the exchange of current information affecting homeopathy and the study of all aspects of homeopathy - including case taking, materia medica, and repertory.
Simillimum - Journal of the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
Dedicated to classical homeopathy as formulated by Samuel Hahnemann. Free sample online.
The British Institute of Homeopathy, Canada
Offers homeopathic pharmacy courses, as well as a veterinary homeopathy program, etc.
Homeopathic Educational Services
An introduction to homeopathy - specific ailments and treatments - research - catalogue of books, tapes, etc. and more.
Homeopathy Home Page
Resources and FAQs, Homeopathy Online issues, reference library and more.

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