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Weight Loss and Massage

Cellulite has been treated with massage which decreases tissue oedema but it is also likely to have its effects at the cellular level by stimulating fibroblast (and keratinocyte) activity while decreasing adipocyte activity.

-- Int J Cosmet Sci. 2006 Jun;28(3):175-90.-- Cellulite and its treatment. -- Rawlings AV. AVR Consulting Ltd, Northwich, U.K.

The most often used therapies were yoga (57.4%), meditation (8.2%), acupuncture (7.7%), massage (7.5%), and Eastern martial arts (5.9%). CAM users used CAM therapies on their own (62.6%), in a group setting (26.8%) or with a CAM practitioner (10.6%). The use of CAM therapies other than dietary supplements for weight loss was relatively low. The most popular therapy was yoga, and the majority of CAM users used CAM therapies on their own. Persons who had used other weight loss methods had greater odds for using CAM in the previous 12 months, suggesting that CAM use is often added to other weight-loss strategies.

-- J Altern Complement Med. 2007 Mar;13(2):217-22. -- Use of complementary and alternative medicine for weight control in the United States.Sharpe PA, Blanck HM, Williams JE, Ainsworth BE, Conway JM.

This study is composed of 85 women between the ages of 21 to 61. The study group exhibited a wide range of body habitus, initial weights, and final results. Out of 85 patients, 46 patients completed seven sessions of treatment and showed a mean index reduction in body circumference of 1.34 cm, while 39 patients who completed 14 sessions of treatments showed a mean index reduction in body circumference of 1.83 cm. A decrease in mean body circumference index was seen regardless of loss or gain in patients' weight in most cases. Patients also showed improvement in body contour and skin texture. Since then, Endermologie machines have been used in France, the United States, and many other nations as an alternative method to altering fat distribution in the subcutaneous plane.

-- Aesthetic Plast Surg. 1998 Mar-Apr;22(2):145-53. -- Noninvasive mechanical body contouring: (Endermologie) a one-year clinical outcome study update. -- Chang P, Wiseman J, Jacoby T, Salisbury AV, Ersek RA.

The MedSculpt device is one such modality that combines computerized massage, vacuum suction, and ultrasound with a continuous sinusoidal pulse. Five patients were included in this pilot study. A total of 12 treatments were performed on a semiweekly basis to 2 abdomens and 3 pairs of thighs. The mean reduction in thigh circumference was 2.25 cm or 4%, with a 5 cm reduction in 1 subject. Although limited improvement was seen in supraumbilical circumference, the mean reduction in infraumbilical circumference was 6.5 cm or 7.3%, with a 10 cm reduction in 1 subject. Mild improvement in skin tone, texture, and the appearance of cellulite was observed in all study participants. The results observed after 12 treatments were similar to or better than those seen with other minimally invasive, body contouring devices.

-- J Drugs Dermatol. 2008 Feb;7(2):113-5. -- Reductions in thigh and infraumbilical circumference following treatment with a novel device combining ultrasound, suction, and massage.Foster KW, Kouba DJ, Hayes J, Freeman V, Moy RL.

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