Fennel Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

Fennel Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

  • Fennel may cause an allergic reaction.
    – Clin Exp Allergy 1997 Nov;27(11):1299-306 — Characterization of allergens in Apiaceae spices: anise, fennel, coriander and cumin. — Jensen-Jarolim E, Leitner A, Hirschwehr R, Kraft D, Wuthrich B, Scheiner O, Graf J, Ebner C.

  • This case of occupational rhinitis and asthma in an atopic individual involves sensitivity to unique allergens in fennel.
    – Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 1997 Jan;78(1):37-40 — Occupational allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma due to fennel seed. — Schwartz HJ, Jones RT, Rojas AR, Squillace DL, Yunginger JW.

  • Fennel appeared to act mainly as a diuretic and a natriuretic.
    – Clin Exp Hypertens 2001 May;23(4):329-43 — Pharmacological evidence of hypotensive activity of Marrubium vulgare and Foeniculum vulgare in spontaneously hypertensive rat. — El Bardai S, Lyoussi B, Wibo M, Morel N.

  • The results confirm the oestrogenic activity of the seed extract.
    – Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1985 Jan-Mar;29(1):21-6 — Effect of Foeniculum vulgare Mill. seed extract on the genital organs of male and female rats. — Malini T, Vanithakumari G, Megala N, Anusya S, Devi K, Elango V.

  • Fennel has been reputed to increase milk secretion, promote menstruation.
    – J Ethnopharmacol 1980 Dec;2(4):337-44 — Fennel and anise as estrogenic agents. — Albert-Puleo M.

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