Fibromyalgia Resources

Fibromyalgia Resources

Where Can People Get More Information About Fibromyalgia?

  • Arthritis Foundation

    1330 West Peachtree Street

    Atlanta, GA 30309


    800/283-7800 or call your local chapter (listed in the telephone directory)

    World Wide Web address:

This is the main
voluntary organization devoted to all forms of arthritis. The Foundation
publishes a pamphlet on fibrositis. Single copies are free with a self-addressed
stamped envelope. The Foundation also can provide physician referrals.

  • Fibromyalgia Network

    P.O. Box 31750

    Tucson, AZ 85751-1750


    Contact: Ms. Kristin Thorson

  • Fibromyalgia Partnership (formerly Fibromyalgia Association
    of Greater Washington)

    140 Zinn Way

    Linden, VA 22642-5609

    (toll free) 866/725-4404

    Fax: 540-622-2998

    World Wide Web address:

  • National Fibromyalgia
    Awareness Campaign (NFAC)

    2415 N. River Trail Road, Suite 200

    Orange, CA 92865


    Fax: 714/921-8139

These are the main
organizations devoted to fibromyalgia. They publish newsletters and provide
pamphlets on the disease.

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last update: January 2006

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