Protect Yourself from Food Poisoning

Protect Yourself from Food Poisoning

– Buy only pasteurized dairy products, as indicated on the label, and hard
cheeses marked “aged 60 days” (or longer) if unpasteurized milk is used
to make them.

– After you’ve handled or cut raw meat, poultry or seafood, wash your
hands, the cutting board, counter, knives, and any other utensils you’ve
used with hot soapy water before you use them again to prepare any other

– Thoroughly cook all meat, poultry and seafood, especially shellfish.

– Cover and store leftover cooked food in the refrigerator as soon as

– Reheat all leftovers until they are steaming hot.

– Thoroughly wash raw fruits and vegetables with tap water.

– Follow label instructions on products that must be refrigerated or that
have a “use by” date.

– Keep the inside of the refrigerator and the counter tops clean.

Source: FDA

References and Sources: Medline, Pubmed, National Institutes of Health.

last update: March 2006

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