Does Modafinil Show Up In Drug Tests? Here’s What We Found

Most employers don’t test for Modafinil or Armodafinil drugs. Even if they are detected in either blood or urine examinations, they’re not likely to lead to test fails.

In its variations such as Provigil, Modvigil or Modalert, the drug is not being actively targeted by employment drug tests. Even if they would be, Modafinil is not illegal. There are no plausible consequences even if in the event of a test.

Why Do People Use Modafinil?

While it has prescribed use, many people take Modafinil to boost brain performance. The nootropic effect of the drug is popular among students and professionals. Some athletes take it as well. Other such as those in competitive video gaming take it too. These groups of users are targeting better attention and a higher effort capacity.

Further contributing to its popularity is the fact that this nootropic is easy to access due to online stores like ModafinilXL.

To an extent, Modafinil is very similar to caffeine. While they both fight to reduce sleepiness, Modafinil also promotes awareness and those on the drug feel more awake. Both can be consumed and even tested as they don’t come with a euphoric effect.

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But Modafinil is also popular as it has no adverse effects on the brain. This can’t be said about other drugs such as Amphetamine. With low-risk potential and visible benefits, Modafinil has a few clear uses apart from its prescribed use.

  • All students and professionals seeking improved cognition
  • Those studying at night (improves wakefulness)
  • Night shift workers
  • Sportspeople with AM sports training
  • Drivers looking to travel long distances

These categories use the drug in different concentrations. Its results vary but it has shown benefits not only in keeping sleep away but it promoting wakefulness as well.

The Basics Of Drug Testing

There are solid reasons why drug testing is carried out in different scenarios. Most of them have a lot to do with safety. But other elements include productivity issues.

  • Deters People From Abusing Drugs

Most people get away with drug use. Only tested people might be among those who have to worry. Virtually anyone in the world can be tested when applying for a job or training, especially for government roles such as in the police force or jobs in the fire department.

  • Keeps Away Individuals On Illegal Drugs

Since all drugs subject to testing are illegal, these tests are carried out to keep bad employees away from companies. An individual with a drug-abuse problem is certainly something most companies don’t want to deal with.

  • Maintaining A Safe Work Environment

Some of those with illegal drug abuse problems are known for violent outbursts. However, even non-violent behavior can be problematic at the office. Employers prefer to keep individuals with this risk as far away as possible.

  • Abiding Local And National Laws

Employers know they have to obey laws. Fines are immense these days. Some employers might even lose business licenses when hiring individuals who have been proven to take illegal drugs.

This Is How Drug Testing Takes Place

Drug testing is subject to certain rigors. Here’s how such a test takes place.

  • Colecting A Sample

Urine samples or blood samples are taken for general purpose tests. In most cases, those undergoing these tests need to sign a written confirmation. This recognized accredited laboratories can carry out drugs’ testing on the sample until its disposal time.

  • The First Screen Test

A first test is carried out on the sample. This may not always be the final result. If the testing comes out as negative, there’s no second testing. If the test comes out positive, a second screen test takes place.

  • The Second Screen Test (Confirmation)

A second test can confirm or infirm the results of the first screening. Gas chromatography is one of the methods uses in this second test. Mass spectrometry is another possible method used in the second screen test.

Modafinil In Employment Tests

As already studied, Modafinil effects are vastly positive. Side effects are rare. The drug is also legal to purchase. Before getting a new job, many professionals need to pass a drug test.

This test has the role of filtering out possible individuals with a history of drug abuse. It is normally carried out after an employment offer has been made to an individual. However, since people may stop taking a drug a few days before the test, employers can postpone this test to an undisclosed date.

Modafinil Test For Athletes

Professional athletes should not be taking Modafinil. It is banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). However, not all sporting competitions abide by this governing body. Athletes who want to take Modafinil should ask their coach or club about testing and Modafinil use.

Typical tests for athletes include anabolic steroids testing. Steroids are used to improve recovery time and to enhance athletic performance. They are banned from all official competitions.

  • Drug Abuse Suspicion

Reasonable suspicion is sufficient for employers to carry out random drug abuse testing. Usually, the employee only finds out on the spot that a sample is going to be needed for random drugs’ testing on the basis of drug abuse suspicion.

A few typical substances which may be subject to drug abuse suspicion testing include cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamine. Other opioids might also be subject to this type of testing.

  • Periodic Testing

Organizations such as corporate employers might carry out period testing. Every few months or every year, organizations look to test out their employees are healthy and in full working capacity. However, even these period tests don’t need to be announced. Employers may carry them out at random dates.

Are There Any Modafinil Drug Tests?

There are no general tests that target Modafinil. Most tests look for a few drugs but Modafinil is not among them.

Modafinil might be used without a prescription. Others might use it for their entire lives based on a medical prescription. This is true for depression sufferers.

Athletes Should Not Take Modafinil

Many types of stimulants are banned in professional sports. A few of them include Benfluorex, Fencamine, and Norfenfluramine. There are 4 general drug categories athletes are tested for.

  • Stimulants – includes Modafinil
  • Narcotics – Morphine, Dextromoramide, Pentazocine, etc.
  • Cannabinoids – cannabis
  • Glucocorticoids – Betamethasone, Fluticasone, Prednisolone, etc.

Final Considerations

While athletes may stop Modafinil oral use a few days before testing, they should still stay away from the stimulant. Random tests are frequent in athletics and they can even take place unannounced, immediately after a sporting event.

Most other users can take Modafinil without reasons of concern. Most employment tests look for other drugs, with a high risk of abuse. Modafinil is safe to consume for those who have or who don’t have a prescription.

In normal tests, Modafinil doesn’t show up. It may show up specialized tests. But these are mainly carried out in the sporting world. It enhances cognitive performance. But the substance is also used to stay awake longer.

Those considering its use also need to know the drug may still be in the blood for a few days after its use. Since it’s still not recommended to take Modafinil daily, many would consider it safe for any type of testing. Those who want to be sure it won’t show up on any types of tests need to stop taking it a week before an announced test. However, apart from athletes, regular professionals should not worry about testing and possible positives caused by Modafinil.

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