Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is often a chronic, relapsing illness. For many
people, it gets better at some times and worse at others. If a
person gets treatment and appears to have largely overcome the
problem, it can still worsen later for no apparent reason. These
recurrences should not cause a person to despair or consider
himself or herself a “treatment failure.” Recurrences can be
treated effectively, just like an initial episode.

In fact, the skills that a person learns in dealing with the
initial episode can be helpful in coping with any setbacks.
Many people who have overcome panic disorder once or a few times
find that, although they still have an occasional panic attack,
they are now much better able to deal with the problem. Even
though it is not fully cured, it no longer dominates their lives,
or the lives of those around them.

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last update: February 2009

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