Potassium Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

Potassium Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

  • Use caution when taking potassium supplements if you are taking prescription medications. Consult with your physician.
    – Am J Nephrol 2000 Jul-Aug;20(4):268-72 — Predictors of the development of hyperkalemia in patients using angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors. — Ahuja TS, Freeman D Jr, Mahnken JD, Agraharkar M, Siddiqui M, Memon A.

  • A potassium rich diet combined with certain medications can cause severe hyperkalemia and even death. Physicians should be aware of this possible complication and only prescribe NSAIDs, including the new COX-2 drugs, to the elderly under close monitoring of kidney function and electrolyte tests.
    – J Emerg Med 2002 May;22(4):349-52 — Fatal hyperkalemia related to combined therapy with a COX-2 inhibitor, ACE inhibitor and potassium rich diet. — Hay E, Derazon H, Bukish N, Katz L, Kruglyakov I, Armoni M.

  • Adverse effects such as hypokalaemia can be aggravated by concomitant treatment with other drugs promoting potassium loss including diuretics, corticosteroids and theophyllines.
    – Drug Saf 2001;24(14):1065-80 — Asthma medications and their potential adverse effects in the elderly: recommendations for prescribing. — Newnham DM.

  • The case report is an example of how the misuse of saline supplementations could result in hyperkalemia and how this condition may lead to ventricular arrhythmias.
    – J Sports Med Phys Fitness 2002 Jun;42(2):214-6 — Complex ventricular arrhythmia induced by overuse of potassium supplementation in a young male football player. Case report. — Parisi A, Alabiso A, Sacchetti M, Di Salvo V, Di Luigi L, Pigozzi F.

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