Famous People Who Use Modafinil

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Modafinil has been used by many celebrities and famous people who wanted to reap the benefits.

Here are a few we have heard about.

barack obama

Barack Obama

Former President Obama maintained a good public image even after leaving office and was considered an asset of the Democratic Party. President Biden has a deep relationship with him as vice president for eight years. Before that, the two showed a role-sharing, such as carrying out election campaigns in consideration of the fact that former President Obama was relatively popular with blacks, Asians, and Latin Americans, and President Biden was relatively popular among white-collar workers. Former President Obama campaigned in support of President Biden’s presidential election in 2020, and has also supported election campaigns such as Democratic governor candidates.

People guessed that Obama’s favorite “jet lag” remedy was probably Modafinil in The Daily Beast’s famous piece called The White House Mystery Drug.

Dave Asprey

When it comes to Modafinil, Dave Asprey is no stranger.

But first, let us give you a little background on who the man is.

Since the publication of Dave Asprey’s “The Ultimate Meal” in 2014, the global health market has faced a completely new paradigm. The usefulness of fat, which was considered an unhealthy factor, as well as the excessive obsession of modern people with carbohydrates that they had not realized before, and the false illusion of organic farming, faced new concepts that were not known before. His assertion has changed the lives of many people around the world.

Asprey did not stop there. It wasn’t enough for him to get by. Wanting to be strong enough to block his bullets, he tried various ways to find a way to live as a true master of life. After he first paid attention to diet, he invested 1 million dollars for 20 years and met numerous scientists, medical doctors, biochemists, and nutritionists for advice. After all those attempts and challenges, the answer he found was fasting. He realized the various pleasures and rewards provided by a lifestyle centered on fasting.

Dave made a tongue-in-cheek article entitled Why You Are Suffering From A Modafinil Deficiency on his main site, and he also discussed the popular nootropic in this YouTube clip from The London Real.

Joe Rogan

American comedian Joe Rogan (54) has 13.1 million Instagram followers, and his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” is so influential that it was sold to Spotify for more than $100 million (about 116 billion won) last year. He is reckless and boasts a wide fan base for his breathtaking progress that crosses the line.

Joe is no stranger to the world of “nootropics” and has sold his own “smart pills” like Alpha Brain.

Recently a Reddit thread sprung up when Joe Rogan slyly slipped the subject of Modafinil into one of his videos.

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris, who has walked the path of a successful writer and investor by lecturing on ‘Entrepreneurship’ at Princeton University, is evaluated as ‘the most innovative icon of our time’ by global CEOs, scholars and media.

He made huge profits as an early investor and consultant to the world’s most innovative companies such as Facebook, Alibaba, and Uber, and all four books he wrote became Amazon and New York Times bestsellers.

Based on information we have now, we presume a lot of this work was accomplished through the use of Modafinil and other smart pills.

Fast Company, Forbes, and Fortune selected Tim as one of the “Best Young Innovators of Our Time”, he hosted the Tim Ferris Show, which topped the Apple Podcast broadcast audience rating for three consecutive years, and he became the “Oprah Winfrey in the field of radio” which received rave reviews.

200 of the world’s most successful people appeared and frankly and in detail revealed their secrets to success, which garnered explosive popularity from listeners. And this broadcast became the basis for the book “Tools Of Titans”, which is currently on the bestseller chart around the world and is gaining support from young readers. “Tools Of Titans” is a collection of powerful, proven ways for ordinary people to achieve their highest goals and achievements.

These big achievements may have not been possible without the use of Provigil.

Therefore, readers who have followed with passion until the last chapter of this book will stand on the shoulders of giants and get everything to innovate their work and life to the highest level. His books include “The 4 Hour Work Week”, a book he made based on the content presented in the Drug Trafficking for Fun and Profit lecture as a guest lecturer in the Entrepreneurship Course at Princeton University.

Here is an old tweet from Tim about Modafinil.

More recently, here is a quote form Tim Ferris during a time he talked about Modafinil on Dave Asprey’s podcast:

“Modafinil I’ve used before and it has spectacular results. It really does. It performs as advertised and I actually became familiar with it a long time ago when it was being used by sprinters with narcolepsy”

Why Celebs Take Modafinil

It might seem surprising that celebrities are taking these “brain boosters” to some people.

But to us – it’s really not.


Because celebrities lead a very demanding lifestyle.

They have to be in tip-top shape both physically and mentally to handle their business.

They have a massive amount of fans, a business empire to run, and media appearances to make.

Being able to have extreme mental clarity, focus, and energy are obviously paramount to these people.

And those are the exact benefits that stimulants like Modafinil offer.

So to us, it makes complete sense that people like Joe Rogan would use things like Provigil or even Armodafinil.

It is similar to how people use it to study for exams.

If you have any new information about famous people you have heard of that are using these drugs, contact us to let us know.

We will look into it and possibly add them to this list.

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